Coles Catalogue Deals 21 – 27 February 2018

You won’t regret browsing this catalogue since it has a wonderful product range, bonus vouchers, half-price sales, new products and more. Vouchers will be redeemable by schools. $10 spent on this shopping will be worth to 1 voucher. Learn details on pg 2.

Tyrrell’s crisps will be 2 for $5 on pg 3. Pepsi, Schweppes, Infuzions, Natural Chip co. and Coca-Cola products are the new specials on pg 3-4. Mini soft drinks are now on sale. V8 juice of Campbell’s will cost half the regular price. Purchase it for only $1.20 for 300 mL bottle. You can buy Redbull, Coca Cola, and V Energy drink cans for lowered prices.

Coles has many good deals like half-price range on pg 6-7. Nestle KitKat Medium bar is a half-price deal. Its price is $1 starting on Wednesday. TimTam, Cadbury dairy milk, M&M’s, Lindt Excellence and more products at ½ prices will be on these pages.

Replenish your breakfast food with the special deals on Nescafe Gold Blend 43, Vittoria Espresso Coffee Beans, Allen’s medium bag and more. Nothing beats a refreshing coffee and a fresh cereal in mornings. If you like to have big breakfasts you can stop by deli of the Coles stores.

These are the half-price deals on pg 1-9. There are really pretty things I think you would like them. Even more half-price sales got included in the catalogue. Moro Olive oil will be another half priced product. Find pantry products for dinner. Eating outside will cost so much. Always try to stay inside if you want to save more money. Ole El Paso, MasterFoods tomato sauce, Heinz Creamy Pumpkin, Continental cup a soup and more products got featured.

Lenten seafood deals are available at Coles supermarket this week. Find John West sardines, oysters, OvenBake, Deli chips and more from different brands. Down Down deals on Praise Mayonnaise. Visit pg 14-15 for Nutri-Grain, Special K, Peanut butter, Gold Choice Canola oil, cake mixes and other pastry and pantry products.

Fresh meat, roast chicken, frozen fruits, lamb, Aussie grown, fresh, fruits and vegetables are available on pg 16-19. Many good deals like down down and price drops are available in that sense. Delicious summer food, more of lenten seafood and dairy products including spreadable cheese, yoghurts, ice cream and other goods of dairy farms. Check out sausage roll of Mrs Macs and wholegrains of McCain Healthy Choice. Packed food might come handy when you are too busy to cook.

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