Coles Catalogue Deals 22 – 28 November 2017

Coles Catalogue Deals 22 - 28 November 2017You are probably looking for a good price range for a range of Christmas chocolates and candies. This is the place where you can find a good product range priced at fair values. Also, find half prices, specials and Christmas products that will be on pg 13-21. Yes, a big part of this catalogue will be viewable here for one week to choose something nice for Christmas. Ice cream, Doritos and Smith’s chips, Omo and Netle Kit Kat are half price products that will be on the cover page of the catalogue. Shop half priced Lipton ice tea and H2Coco coconut water of 1L. Pay only half of the regular value for 4 products that are available on pg 3. Snickers, Lindt Lindor and more were contained in the catalogue. Go to pg 5 for soft drink variety. Coke, Kirks, Cascade Mini Mixers will be in front of you when you turn it to pg 5. New flavour by Gatorade is on pg 7 of the Coles Catalogue.

All these are half prices and they are the must-see products by Coles Catalogue 22 – 28 November. Shop your favourite snacks including Smith’s chips, and down down price for Kirks. Coles has no limits when it comes to half prices. Pantry products range including Twinings breakfast tea will be also ½ priced until 28th November.

Have a strong breakfast in the mornings because you need it. The nutrition you should take will work your organic mechanism during the whole day and it takes a lot of energy. It should be healthy as well. So if you are looking for a good price on your favourite breakfast food, it’d be better for you to hear from Coles prices. Go to pg 11-12 for cereals, breakfast tea variety and other products on sale.

Coles Christmas products are going to be available for the prices you can see on pg 13-21. 25% off Kinder Santa mini, and Kinder mini mix are your options. Some of them are half priced.

Recipe of frozen white chocolate & strawberry terrine is readable on pg 15. Nutella, Cottee’s jam and more products related to this recipe are also available for the given prices. Lights for Christmas, small accessories and micro needs to redecorate your home are going to be in stocks of Coles.

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