Coles Catalogue Deals 9 – 15 Oct 2019

Coles has a simple recipe page for everyone who wants to save time and money. This week’s dinner is lamb souvlaki wraps with a simple recipe. Recipes of peri peri chicken, garlic-butter steak, loaded pizza, chicken-free schnitzel, and more are readable on pg 2-5. Find the ingredients of spaghetti bolognese on pg 4. As last week’s catalogue has shown, Spring lamb is the thing from the meat departments of the new grocery catalogues. Half-price sale consisting of Old El Paso Soft Taco, Up&Go, and more are available on pg 5. Coles Catalogue actually begins there. Christmas is celebrated with sweets. Cupcakes, croissants, and more bakery goods are on sale this week at Coles. If you like to prepare for Christmas early, this is your catalogue. Coles Catalogue deals for 9 – 15 have been listed below.

Coles Fresh Sale, New Products, Meat and Deli

Tomatoes make most meals better than they were really are. Truss tomatoes are on the vine and more fresh fruits such as kiwifruit, apples, grapes, and more are on sale at Coles supermarket. Starting on Wednesday you can save on all of these. Shop mix ‘n match the sale of Coles. 2 for $9 is the price for some sausages and grilling meat. More meat products with better prices can be browsed on the new catalogue. Visit page 9 of Coles Catalogue and see Australian beef deals. RSPCA approved chicken is only $9/kg this week. Italian cuisine has an impact on Coles and Woolworths Catalogues in general. For example, their deli foods usually include some Italian style meat products. Shop Coles Spring Lamb this week. Lamb is the best meat when you want some juicy and tender grillable meat. Just add some pepper and salt on lamb cutlets and let them grill peacefully.

Spring lamb deals:

Mix ‘n Match sale 2 for $9

Coles Back to School Sale

Buy lunch foods like noodles or Lunchables in back to school category of this catalogue. Suitable for a lunchtime, various kinds of foods and soft drinks are on sale. Peckish rice crackers cost half at this supermarket this week. Half price are on the list below.

Deli, Bakery, Fridge and More Products

Breakfast foods are cereals and orange juice. “Orange juice on ice is nice” is a song from the 60s made for a commercial for the Florida Orange grower association. If you want to make your kids drink some orange juice and get some vitamin C, let them listen to that commercial music. It’s hilarious. The Juice Brothers 1.5L will cost $5.50.

Coles Coffee, Tea and More Grocery Products

You can find Halloween snacks and candies in Coles Catalogue this week. Shop coffee of Jarrah, Moccona, and more brands. Save on tea, coffee, and more breakfast drinks. Make your Starbucks coffee at home. 10 Coffee capsules will cost $5 at Coles supermarket this week. Canned goods from the pantry range are viewable on pg 26-27. Vegetable oil, diced tomatoes, and real stock are on sale in this part. Dolmio pasta sauce will be $2. It’s a nearly half-price deal. Sauces can get really expensive. Save on them so that your meal will cost as you expect. In fact, combining San remo pasta and Dolmio deal will just make your meal.

Buy frozen food at Coles. Frozen meals are not the best but if you don’t have another choice, check out that half price by Coles Catalogue grocery sale. Balfours premium potato pies 2 pack will cost $2.80 only. Streets ice cream variety is also on sale. New products can be seen on pg 30-31 of Coles frozen range.

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