Coles Catalogue Drink Specials 4 – 10 Nov 2015

Get a bigger shopping trolley because Coles drinks are cheaper for a short time. Do not miss this opportunity while you are shopping in Coles. Specials for almost all drinks;Coles Catalogue Drink Specials 4 - 10 Nov 2015

1/2 Price

This week in Coles, a lot of drinks (water, juice, coke, alcohols etc..) on sale. First of all water; Mount Franklin water is discounted with two different size of pack. And Berri Orange Juice 2.4L is one of them. It’s healthy, delicious, pure and 1/2 price for a while. With this unique flavor Schweppes is on sale too with 4x300ml pack. Daily Balance Orange Juice is advantageous 2L price for everyday. Save $0.60 with Heart Active Milk and this milk reduces cholesterol. 

Triple Up & Save

Big alcohol discounts are available ! Many people store alcohol in their home and its good time of storing. Get more alcohol this week because in Coles, you can pay for only one $37 or pay any two for $70 or pay any tree for $93 to whiskey, vodka and gins.

Coles has perfect sale on beers. With 10-24 and 30 packs of beer you can save your money. Plus, Carlsberg and Pure Blonde in ”HOT PRICE”. Any two for just $80.(24 packs) Also Win big with Sauv Blancs products ! According to Coles Catalogue, there is a lot of low price in vines, liquors and ciders. If you want you can check Coles Catalogue Drink Specials 4 – 10 Nov 2015 click on image right side of post or you can shop Coles online. Just visit offical Coles Online website and save time and money.

Free delivery on your first shop and every Wednesday when you send $100 or more.

The products in the post ;

Berri Orange Juice 2.4L $2.35 PG 3
Schweppes 4x300mL $3.50 
Mount Franklin starting from $2
Triple Up & Save / Whiskey, Vodka & Gin starting from $37 PG 38
Fat Yak Pale Ale Cans 10x330ml $23
Hammers ‘N’ Tongs Draught Block Cans 30x300ml $30
Carlton Draught Bottles 24x375ml $44 
Tooheys New Block Cans 30x375ml $45
James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale Bottles 24x345ml $54
Carlsberg Green Bottles 24x330ml / Pure Blonde Bottles 24x335ml / 2x = $80
Sauv Blancs Products starting from $7 – $17 PG 39
Liquors & Ciders 

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