Coles Catalogue Easter Sale 12 – 18 April 2017

Aussie food, wide range of seafood and confectionery on pg 2-3 are featured on Coles Catalogue. Coles Catalogue Easter Sale 12 - 18 April 2017You should see recipe of Easter egg cupcakes on pg 6. People are looking for cool prices of candies. So you can see a good sale on pg 3 of the catalogue. Coles has an outstanding sale of deli-bakery products on pg 4-5. Coles can provide what you want for the week and for the Easter celebration. Black Swan Classic or crafted dips can be purchased for only 30% off ! Another deal of Coles is half price of Tasmanian Heritage cheese. Lamb shoulder roast bone-in is priced at $9. Spring is the best time to have some lamb. Grilling is a good idea for meat in Spring. Coles has a good sale on cover page and Easter sale on pg 3.

Everyday prices of most bakery products are being shown on pg 12-13. Coles chocolate hot cross buns, and ultimate cookies are on sale. Pay less for these delicious bakery products that can also be party food for Easter celebration.

Sometimes even shopping can get complicated. In order to simplify it, use weekly catalogues such as Coles Catalogue. They have everything that are on sale organized with these catalogues. Coles Catalogue Easter Sale 12 - 18 April 2017 6For example dairy products are available on pg 14-15 and ice cream, frozen food and half prices can be seen on pg 16&17. Half prices of some frozen food are available on pg 17. But there are some good 1/2 prices of dairy items on pg 14-15.

From pg 18 to pg 21 you can browse snacks and beverage. Soft drinks, chips, chocolates, candies and favourite brands are available at half prices. Wednesday will the first day to shop for these prices for these products.

Half prices of frozen food on pg 17;

Really big sale this week. A lot of half prices are featured. Breakfast food like cereals, jam, milk, coffee and more are also promoted products. Coles Catalogue 12 – 18 April is viewable right now. You can follow on social media for instant updates. It’s a good way to track these deals. Hunt for more deals with the weekly special deals of Coles and other supermarkets.Coles Catalogue Easter Sale 12 - 18 April 2017 12

Half prices on pg 19 for snacks;

Snacks and chocolates 1/2 prices on pg 21;

Get Kirks soft drink variety (10x375mL) for 1/2 price on pg 20. $4.45 is the price this week for that product. Some good deals other than half prices are featured on catalogue. Mars Large bitesize will be 2/$10 only. Doritos, Thins, The Natural Confectionery Co. and Coca Cola will be 2/$5 after Wed. Coca-Cola and Fanta 8x200mL will be for half price ($4.15) at Coles.

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