Coles Catalogue Easter Sale 17 – 23 Apr 2019

Coles opening hours in Easter can change. All Coles stores will be closed on Good Friday and they will reopen on Easter Saturday and Monday. Only some stores are operating on Easter Sunday. You can use this Coles Catalogue to save on some Easter treats and festive foods. Tradition meets the modern type of retailing of Coles. One of the traditional products is hot cross buns of 6 pack which will cost only 2/$6! Buy deli, breakfast foods, beverage, and party foods on pg 2-3. Coles sells cheese & garlic full apart for only $4! Seafood for Easter is one of the sales at Coles stores and catalogue. Get fresh Australian salmon skin off portions at $29/kg. Save $3.50/kg on that product. This week one of the most important catalogues is Coles Catalogue Easter Sale 17 – 23 Apr.

Coles offers a great meat range on the catalogue. Australian beef porterhouse steak is one of the classics and it costs $29 starting on Wed. Lamb meat, roast chicken, and more delicious food items are also in the catalogue. Buy Easter candies and chocolate offers on pg 9. A half-price deal will be valid for Mars Maltesers and more confectionery. A new item is also available. Remember to see the next week’s prices of Coles fresh produce range. Kanzi apples are only $4.50/kg.
One of the Coles specials is from deli & fridge category. Primo chilli coated salami, cacciatore, and more products are available in the latest Coles Catalogue pg 12. Coles RSPCA approved hot roast chicken price is $10/Kg. More than these are available in the Coles Catalogue grocery sale. Browse all the products on the currently browsable pages. Browse the Coles Catalogue Easter Sale 17 – 23 to see all products.

Easter festive foods:

Seafood for Easter:


Coles Catalogue Easter Candies

Easter chocolate offers, brands like Cadbury, Maltesers, and more are available in the catalogue.

Half-price deals:

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