Coles Catalogue Easter Treats 8 – 14 Apr 2020

Shop the top brands of Easter candies and chocolate at Coles supermarket this week. You will not pay the full price for anything. Half-price deals on Cadbury dairy milk, Maltesers, and similar snacks or candies are an example deal from this sale. These brands made special products for the Easter celebration. The snacks sale isn’t limited to the products of Coles Catalogue Easter Treats 8 – 14 Apr sale. If you are going to bake some wet chocolate cake or something like that, Cadbury baking chips can come in handy. Refreshing drinks that will help you stay at home all day every day, and the tastiest chocolate products or Easter treats are available on pg 12-13. Shop Cadbury Roses and Cadbury Twirl at half prices.

Classic coke is your companion with your meals. Cook a delicious vegan meal and have some sugarless coke this evening. My recommendation is the curry chickpeas with some rice. It’s a really easy dish. Just add some green like parsley, tomato sauce, onion, chickpeas, and your favorite spices including curry. Sauté in the vegetable oil. Add some butter, too. Boil for 30-40 min. Make some rice, too. Add the desired amount of rice and fry in the veg. oil (not too much, just a little bit oil) for some time. Before you do that, I recommend you soak the rice in water for 15-20 min. I usually just wash it for a few minutes. It works for me. Add water just enough to cover your rice. I cook the rice for 10-15 minute tops at low heat. Don’t forget to keep the pan lid closed. After you cook both meals, mix them. Easy dish, half an hour max.

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