Coles Catalogue Every Day Prices

Coles Catalogue Every Day Prices of this week are enough to fill 2 pages. From dairy, bakery, deli and other departments you can find a lot of premium quality food. On pg 2-3 of the latest catalogue you can easily reach the current every day reduced prices. Not only these two pages contained these deals but also later pages show you the every day prices. In the Coles Catalogue this week, every day prices can be seen in the list below.Coles Catalogue Every Day Prices 20 - 26 Jul - 16 - 2

Coles Orange Juice 2L $4
Coles sliced meat 400g $5
Coles Pizza 470g $5
Coles Bakery block bread 600g $1.90

Coles Lamington fingers 18 pk $2.50
Coles English muffins 6 pk $2
Coles Greek style yoghurt 1 kg $4.20
Coles Mud cake 600g $4.50

Coles Tasty cheese shredded 700g $5.50
Coles squuize yoghurt 70g $0.80
Coles Wraps 8 pk 416g $2.25

On pg 6:

Coles soft liquorice 250g $2
Coles snakes 750g $4

On pg 8:

Ardmona Crushed tomatoes 410g $1.40
Coles Penne pasta 500g $1

On pg 9

Continental cup a soap 4 pk $2
Coles Red Salmon 415g $6

On pg 14:

Aeroplane topping 570g $3
Sanitarium weet-bix 1.4 kg $5

On pg 17:

Coles 30 party pack 1.25 kg $8
Coles convenience meal 375g $3.50

On pg 24:

Dairy famers full cream milk $2.99
Yoplait flavoured yoghurt or forme yoghurt 1kg $4

On pg 25

Western Star spreadable 500g $5
Yoplait flavoured yoghurt 6 pack $5

Household Products and Personal Care

On pg 31:

Libra Ultra Thin regular pads with wings 14 pk $4.80
Tena Incontinence Liners 30 pk $5

On pg 35:

Quilton 3 ply toilet tissue 12 pk $6.70
Duracell Coppertop AA batteries 16 pk $13.50

On pg 37:

Cook&Dine Nylon potato masher $3
Cook&Dine Garlic Press $5

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