Coles Catalogue Every Day Specials 11 – 17 Nov 2015

Saving money is important while we are shopping everyday. On this basis, we say ; Everyday save your money in Coles.

Coles Every Day !Coles Catalogue Every Day Specials 11 - 17 Nov 2015

Coles every day draws attention with special discounts. Almost all costumers prefers adding these products to their shopping trolley. Coles has offer to cover all your family and home needs. From bedroom to bathroom special discounts are on shelves. There is a lot of products family members will love it. For after dinner you can eat Salted Mixed Nuts or peanuts while watching movie with whole family. For best spaghetti Barilla on sale with greatest Sacla Pasta Souce. They are tasty couple of this Coles Catalogue. There is good brands for your perfect breakfast ; Lipton Black Tea, So Good Life Long Milk, Coles Cookies and Coles Bakery Black Bread,  Sliced Meat. Also delicious ingredients for salads are available on fridges. High quality pink and red salmon from Coles, Sliced Honey Ham and Yoghurt will makes your salads or snacks much more tasty.

Also for office workers and who do not want to spend time with eating something, Coles has solution about it. Coles Anzac biscuits, choc chip or double choc cookies, Coles muffins are can be consumed in limited times.

Products in post ;

Coles Salted or Unsalted Mixed Nuts 375g $5.35 PG 2
Coles Salted or Unsalted Peanuts 375g $3
Lipton Quality Black Tea 100 Pack $3.50 PG 8
Sanitarium So Good Soy Long Life Milk 1 L $1.80
Barilla Pasta 340g-500g $1.90 PG 10
Sacla Pasta Source $4.40
Coles Pink Salmon $2.30 / Red Salmon $6-$3 PG 12
Coles Bakery Block Bread $1.90 PG 15
Bakery Anzac Biscuits and Cookies $2.50
Coles Muffins 4 Packs or 9 Packs $3.50
Coles Sliced Meat $5 PG 19
Yoplait Flavoured Yoghurt 1kg $4

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