Coles Catalogue Father’s Day Food 29 Aug – 4 Sep 2018

Half price deals, Father’s Day food and gifts, soft drinks, specials, breakfast, Aussie grown fresh produce and more. Coles Catalogue Father’s Day food is available on pg 2-3. Those are perfect foods to celebrate with your family. Down down deals, lower prices for many products from that category and interesting ideas for celebration. Find more products in the Coles Catalogue. Steggles whole family roast chicken is $3.80/kg, Coles Australian brushed potatoes of a 3kg bag will cost $4.50. Half-price deals of Cadbury favourites, M&M’s, Toblerone, and more also look interesting on pg 4. Bonds underwear is on sale. Gift cards, mugs, soft drink packs, coke, energy drinks and more products that would be gifts and be bought from a supermarket at the same time.

Candies and snacks at half prices:

Father’s Day Gifts :

Coca-Cola has new flavours including vanilla, diet and no sugar that are specials on pg 8. 2 for $4.30 is the deal at Coles supermarket. Cadbury medium bar and Kinder chocolate sharepack are half priced this week. More deals and price drops for candies on pg 10-11.

Favourite soft drinks on sale:

Browse more categories in the catalogue. Pantry products like Suimin noodles, Extra Virgin olive oil are half price deals. Packaged food, practival quick breakfast food, cereals, meat, deli, bakery and other categories are browsable now. Follow our Facebook page to hear more from the Coles Catalogue.

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