Coles Catalogue Festive Food 5 – 11 Dec 2018

Coles Festive Food Deals and Christmas Sweets

We are in for a great catalogue again by Coles supermarket. Christmas sales have a lot of nice grocery and snack items. The first pages of the new Coles Catalogue offer festive foods for celebration. And there is a lot of snacks on sale with half-price discounts. Ham and fresh fruits have a massive place in the category. Coles single smoked half leg ham bone in and Australian yellow or white nectarines are on the first page with lower prices. Check out the recipe on pg 2. The recipe for prawn, watermelon & feta skewers with mint oil. Pay only $29 for a kg of black tiger prawns thawed. More seafood deals are waiting for you on pg 3. Desserts, Christmas pudding, and other sweets are also on sale. Coles Catalogue has a place for the ham, too. Browse pg 6-7 for the best prices of ham and other Christmas festive food.

See the list of a few good ones from this category:

Christmas Treats and Candies

You have also half-price deals on candies. Cadbury favourites, Toblerone, M&M’s, Mars Celebrations tub, Raffaello gift box 24 pack are among the best products of these two pages.

½ prices:

You can also find Christmas gift wrap, gift boxes, and more festive products on pg 10-11.

Coles Catalogue Snack Sale

Find favourite snacks and beverages to stock up. Soft drinks like Coca-Cola, V Energy Drinks, Pepsi, Solo and candies such as The Natural Confectionery Co. products are available on pg 12. You can buy Powerade sports drink of 1L bottle for only $2.32 which is a half price. The weekly deals of Coles seem really nice and profitable compared to most other places.

½ prices:

Check out more products from the snack section. Visit pg 14-15 for details of KitKat, more Cadbury chocolate packs and McVitie’s half price.

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