Coles Catalogue Food 30 Aug – 5 Sep 2017

Coles Catalogue Food 30 Aug - 5 Sep 2017You can get your food needs from Coles supermarket this week. Read this Coles Catalogue to see what’s on sale and learn about new products and brands. Coles will sell Nescafe Gold and Peters Drumsticks for half prices. See them on the first page of the new catalogue. Snacks like Doritos, Smith’s, Maltesers, Nestle Kit Kat, Lindt chocolate, and more products are featured. Again, half prices are what you should pay to get chocolates and candies available on pg 3. Also, see Kettle Chips, Green’s poppin microwave popcorn, Cadbury chocolate. Down Down prices for soft beverage from top brands you love. The new price range for Coca Cola, Schweppes, Pepsi Max, Arnott’s shapes, Kirks are available on pg 5-6. New special deal at Coles is Fuze ice tea 1.25L that is priced at $2. It will save your $1.20! Get Peckish rice crackers 100g for only $1.10/each! Another deal is “down down” prices of Arnott’s cream biscuits, Coles ultimate chocolate chip cookies. Visit pg 7-8 for these products.

1/2 prices;

If your intention is to shop for pantry products, then visit pg 9-10 for half prices. Lots of canned food and packaged products including quick meals are available. Sirena Tuna (185g) will cost $3. Classic canned fish products are online sales. John West sardines will be $2. That will be a $.65 saving. Olive oil of Moro El Primero, SPC baked beans or sphagetti are among the products on sale. Find your favourite coffee in the catalogue. Devondale, Twinings English breakfast tea and many more products are also available this week. Don’t forget to check out these half prices;

Nutella hazelnut spread that is a 750g glass jar will be only $5. Save $3.55 with this deal. Another great saving is Sea Salt peanut butter and Purely Nuts dark chocolate which is going to be half priced. Save $3.47 with this purchase. See them on pg 13. There are more deals like these on pg 13-14. Cöles sells Father’s Day gifts consisting of underwear of Bonds, Mens socks, Hallmark Father’s Day cards, and many more. Half prices of Bonds underwear will be great deals in this week. You can get a big Toblerone chocolate for half price. Milk chocolate of Toblerone will cost $4.95 only. Ferrero Rocher, Old Gold, Werther’s Golden, chocolate products are also gifts for Father’s Day.

Down Down prices from bakery;

You can read the recipe for stir-fried rice noodles with chicken & vegetables on pg 19. High-quality cut meat, fresh chicken and more are featured in the meat sale. Half price for chicken schnitzel. Price for schnitzel is only $1.25/each. Also, down down prices for beef T-bone steak will surprise you. You can get 1 kg of T-bone steak for only $21. Beef BBQ burger is another deal. Get 10 pk. for only $8! Shop for fresh fruits and veg, seafood on pg 21-22. Seek good deals on dairy products. Black Swan classic dips will be only $3 for 200g. Nudie juice, Dare flavoured milk, Gippsland Twist yoghurt, Zoosh dip are among the products.

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