Coles Catalogue Food 2 – 8 August 2017

Coles Catalogue Food 2 - 8 August 2017I feel lucky for the first week of August because of this catalogue. Coles offers a lot of half prices in the new catalogue. Down down prices of Coles are available on pg 3. Coke, Doritos chips are featured. Cadbury dairy milk chocolate will be sold at 2/$7 ! Uncle Tobys Le Snak 132g is also a great deal on the same page. Check out pg 2 for the details about these products. Half price range of Coles for many products can be seen on pg 4-5. Generally snacks, candies, coffee, beverage and more products are available on pg 4-5 as half prices. Jatz, Arnott’s, Vita-Weat are also building up a good product range. Special product of this week is Allen’s snakes alive.

Soda variety of Pepsi, Solo 1.25L will be only $1.50 for one week. M&M’s, Maltesers or pods will be on sale as well. Pay only $6 for 2 of 140-180g pack. Down Down price of Heinz Big ‘N Chunky soup is only $2.50 that will save you $1.27. Moro El Primero olive oil 500mL is also half priced this week. Purchase Campell’s manu soup, Simply Soup or simply superfoods at $5 for 2. Get half priced John West tempters for only $1 ! The best canned tuna fish in the market. A new product is available on catalogue. Beechworth Bee cause bush or coastal honey is the new product. Check out price and details on pg 13. Breakfast food is at Coles supermarket. Kellogg’s cereals, So Good almond milk, Lo Carb crunch bar and more products are at lower prices this week.

1/2 prices on pg 4-5;

You even buy things in bulks with such prices. Moccona coffee is half priced this week. Dried coffee 200g is only $9.18 ! Kellogg’s All Bran or Be Natural cereal will cost only $4 ea at Coles. Shop for Kellogg’s Be Natural bars or Special K biscuit moments for only $4. Kellogg’s coco pops 650g is also priced at $5 ! Save $2 on this product. Freedom foods barley+ muesli 400g is another half price. Nature’s Way slim right powder chocolate 375g is almost half priced. Save $4.50 and the price will be $10 this week. Grinders coffee beans or ground 1kg is a $7 saving !

1/2 prices of frozen products;

If you like quick, time saving and tasty food packages, you should certainly check out pg 18-19 to save some money. Coles offers a great product range of delicious food there. Connoisseur ice cream 4-6 pk can be purchased for only $6 ! Ingham’s original chicken breast and Weis frozen yoghurt bars are at half prices. Chobani Yogurt pouch 140g or tub 170g will be only half priced. Save $1.12 with this tasty dairy product. More yogurt types are available on pg 20-21. Check out Yumi’s classic dips 200g that is priced only $3 this week. Latina Cappelletti sauce, Jarlsberg Swiss cheese can also be in your shopping list for food.

A new recipe by Curtis Stone. Check out Penne Pasta with pan roasted butternut pumpkin. This recipe is on pg 24 and meat products like Ausslie lamb cutlets are available on pg 25. Aussie lamb cutlets will be only $30/kg. Strawberries, orange, Pistachios and more from fresh produce on pg 26. Twiggy sticks is a half price deal. Seafood deals on pg 27 could be also your choice if you like a light dinner tonight. Down down prices for bakery on pg 28 and browse household, health products starting on pg 29.

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