Coles Catalogue Food Sale 2 – 8 Dec 2015

COLES FOOD FESTIVEColes Catalogue Food Sale 2 - 8 Dec 2015

Dinners are important part of being a great family. We talking about whole day, relaxing and sharing good memories while eating something. Or may be you invited someone for first dating to your home. You do not have another chance. For creating great ambiance, you have to thing everything. You prepared everything but the food. Here is big helper Coles guide. Everything has been thought for you. In Coles catalogue, this week featuring delicious super cool and easy to make : BEEF BURGER. With sliced streaky bacon , buttermilk & onion rings this food is seems delicious. In page 2, you can find ingredients and method of this food. You can prepare burger in less 45 mins. 

Also meat section, there is more Australian Made choices available. Finest sausages, Peri peri chicken breast strips, chicken portions and part of lambs could be great choice for dinner. Other side, Ham products are fresh and delicious. You can always find some healthy foods at Coles. I recommend you half ham leg bone in. Its also printed nearly half of page in 4. As you can see its popular nowadays. For great dinner, costumers choice : Coles.

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