Coles Catalogue Fresh Food 6 – 12 Mar 2019

Coles Catalogue Meat, Fresh Food, Deli, Bakery and More

The latest Coles Catalogue covers a wide range of products consisting of different categories. First of these is fresh food. Browse the meat, deli, seafood, fruits and veg on first 14 pages of the catalogue. New half prices are easy to spot in this part of the catalogue. Coles Australian lamb leg, avocados, cucumber, tomatoes, grapes, mushroom are available products within the fresh range of the new sale. Stikeez collection is still available and you will get one for the purchases of participating items. Buy Optimum dog food, Mount Franklin, Australia’s Own organic unsweetened coconut milk, Finish Quantum dishwashing, Colgate toothpaste and Old El Paso with a $30 purchase to get a bonus stikeez. Meat sale including Coles graze grass-fed beef porterhouse, which is a $4 saving per kg, is available on pg 5. You have a mix and match sale of kebap variety on pg 5. Buy Coles grill lamb souvlaki strips for only $10/pk.
Browse deli products such as Don natural ham. In the fresh range, encounter bakery products such as hot buns, bakery scones, cheese rolls, Anzac biscuits, and more. Meet an extensive range of deli – fridge sale of Coles. Bertocchi cold pressed silverside, prosciutto, twiggy sticks are among the discount products this week. In Easter, if you want to begin Lent seafood is the most recommended type of food by Coles and other groceries. Check out seafood for lent on pg 10-11. Packaged salmon and new recipes for seafood.


Meat, Deli, Bakery and more:

Seafood for Lent

These are just a few picks from the entire product range of the catalogue. You can browse all the products in the Coles Catalogue 6 – 12 Mar. Follow our Facebook page or subscribe to the catalogue to get the newsletter in your e-mail.

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