Coles Catalogue Fresh Grocery 13 – 19 Mar 2019

You can still earn stikeez with the purchases of the participating items. Half-price deals on Up & Go, Oven Bake, Kettle potato chips, Philadelphia on the first page. Coles Catalogue has participating items like Nescafe Blend 43, Garnier Nutrisse and more. These and more are the purchases to get you a new stikeez. A Bonus stikeez is also possible to earn with buying some fresh vegetables or fruits. Rockmelon, pumpkin, mushrooms, red royale potatoes, and more fruits or veg are available in that range.
Discover a new fresh sale of the Coles Catalogue. You should also see the fresh-cut meat range of Coles and the deli products on pg 4-5. Beef scotch fillet steak, lamb loin chops, British sausage, and more are the promotions from the meat sale. Save half on family roast chicken. Take a look at the hot cross buns with a bonus stikeez. 4 different versions of the hot cross buns are available there. Lenten seafood is a thing in the recent weekly catalogues of Coles. Recipe of Crunchy topped sardines and the deals on John West salmon, sardines, Birds Eye deli chips half price, and more are available on pg 9. Shop Bega cheese for only $6 saving $2.38 this week in the fridge section of Coles. Gippsland twist yogurt is only $5.

Win stikeez:

Fresh fruits:

More deals:

Coles Catalogue Seafood for Lent, Snacks, and Dairy

Seafood for Lent:

Help your digestive system with probiotic-rich dairy foods like Greek yogurt. Danone Activia low-fat yoghurt is a probiotic source for your gut. Save $1.40 on a 4x125g pack of this product. Special prices of more milk and yoghurt products are available on pg 12-13. Also, save on snacks with this catalogue price range. You have a SunRice bites mini rice cakes, Fantastic delites rice snacks, and many more products of snacks and beverage sale are available on pg 15-19. Have some snacks around while you are enjoying the comfort of your indoors. Save with the Coles prices.

Snacks and half prices:

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