Coles Catalogue Good Snacks 13 – 19 Jan 2016

GOOD SNACKS BY COLES Coles Catalogue Good Snacks 13 - 19 Jan 2016

For the people who like the snacks! Are you here? We are offering you the special discounts. All you can see on this catalogue will be the half of the price. So if you are interest any of our products we will be happy to see you while checking catalogue. And if you like the cookies, with the brand of Fox’s chunky cookies 180 gram is just half price $ 2 each one. Also the brand of Green’s Drizzles cookies 200 gram will be the half price and the price is $ 1.82 each one.

Half price discounts are still keeping working. We are really honored to share our experiences and new quality of our products. You will feel the quality with the Coles. Coles is the brand who works with the best companies. So you will never regret to choose us. If you want to buy something gift to your friend or your child, you can try our new product Cadbury, favorites gift box 540 gram. It has many chocolates, cookies in it and the price is just $ 9.50 for each one box. If you like something sour, we are offering you the try Sun bites grain waves sour cream & chives with chips the price is just $ 1.84

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