Coles Catalogue Grocery 15 – 21 Apr 2020

Coles Catalogue Grocery 15 - 21 Apr 2020Coles has a community hour from Monday to Friday. This hour is dedicated to carers, friends and neighbours on behalf of vulnerable customers. If you want to shop for someone, you should visit Coles at 7-8 am on weekdays. To make things easier, use online services. Coles App is a very useful product. You can access instant information. Browse Coles Catalogue Grocery 15 – 21 Apr sale for the new price of Australian lamb loin chops. The price of this meat is gonna be $18/kg at Coles. New prices of snacks and household products are also present in the catalogue.

Make delicious breakfast foods at home. Practical recipes like sausage rolls, pizza scrolls, vegetable nuggets, and more recipes are available on pg 2-3. Also, dinner recipes consisting of meat meals on pg 4-5. Coles has a half-price sale on pg 6.

Coles Bakery and Pantry Products

Grab some hot cross buns for the mornings or afternoon. Coles fresh bakery products including sourdough rolls and Mr Kipling cakes are some nice deals this week. You can find the details of pricing and half-price deals on pg 10. Breakfast is important but what you eat for breakfast is more important. Most products being sold at supermarkets or cafes are full of sugar. They are so tastier than ever but they are stored as fat in your body when you don’t need the energy. Oat is not like that. They are digested over a long period of time so that your body will be able to utilize its energy in a healthier way. Find oat and So Good almond milk on pg 11.

Coles Fridge Foods and Yoghurt

Cheese, yoghurt, and more dairy products to store in your fridge. Coles supermarket has some nice deals on yoghurt, pizza, Greek yoghurt, and even lasagne are on sale on Coles Catalogue Grocery 15 – 21 Apr 2020. New ice cream products are at Coles.

In this catalogue, you will see household supplies, pet foods, home and gift cards, half-price deals on personal care, Swisse, Oral-B, and more products, too. Find all of them in the Coles Catalogue 15 – 21 April 2020.

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