Coles Catalogue Grocery 22 – 28 Apr 2020

Coles Catalogue Grocery 22 - 28 Apr 2020The new Coles Catalogue covers what you need for the week in terms of food and simple home products. MasterChef quality exclusive product range including meat is one of the first promotions to see on the new catalogue. They have new half-price sale. Buy Cocobella coconut water for $2.50 which is a half-price saving. Coles supermarket will be open and you can always check out the updated store hours. For the COVID-19 response and updates, check out this page.

Learn new recipes with Coles. One of the easiest dinner dishes to make is chicken drumsticks. Ingredients and method of that recipe are on pg 2. 6 more recipes to cook with stock on pg 3. New half-price deals on Coles specials. Visit pg 4 for Cadbury products, Pringles, and Pepsi Max.

These are viewable on the first page of Coles Catalogue grocery 22 – 28 Apr sale:

Coles Meat, Deli, Bakery and More

Browse this catalogue for the Italian traditional meat products from the deli. Bertocchi products might be one of the reasons that people go to Coles stores to shop. Mortadella, salami, and more products are viewable on pg 7 with their new prices.

Fridge Food, Cheese, Yogurt, Milk

Everybody opens their fridge in the hope of finding delicious cheese or fruit-flavoured yoghurt every now and then. When you stay at home for long days, your fridge is the target of your appetite. If you want to find nice things in it whenever you open, shop such products at lower costs. Coles Catalogue can offer you what you need. Buy Gippsland Twist yogurt, Yoplait smoothie, and similar items.

Coles Pantry Sale 22 – 28 Apr

Refill your stocks of breakfast food such as fiber-rich cereals and delicious products like Coco Pops. Kellogg’s All-bran 530g pack will cost $1.35 cheaper this week. Starting on Wednesday, you can shop half-price deals on Peckish and McVitie’s Go Ahead fruit slice biscuits, too. Classic breakfast ideas like Kellogg’s corn flakes are a healthy way to begin a day. Pantry shelf can be a good place to find some delicious sauces for your meals. Salad dressings are helping if you want to consume more salad. And salad is great when you want to stick with your diet program. Check out these prices from Coles Catalogue Grocery 22 – 28 Apr:

Coles Catalogue Mother’s day gifts, homewares, mobile products, personal care, beauty products, wellness, dishwashing chemicals, laundry care, pet products, and more are also available this week.

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