Coles Catalogue Grocery 22 – 28 Jul 2020

New Coles Catalogue is great to discover some new recipes. Coles Catalogue Grocery 22 - 28 Jul 2020Top deals on breakfast products, breakfast muffins, muesli, and similar sort of delicious breakfast foods are the subjects of recipes from this nice catalogue. Learn about breakfast pizza, banana bread overnight oats, mini banana pancake stacks, t-bone steak, and related deals on necessary ingredients are pretty much the first part of the catalogue. Check out Coles Catalogue Grocery 22 – 28 Jul sale for half prices on popular items. Peanut butter, Cadbury chocolate blocks, Arnott’s Shapes, Dynamo professional laundry liquid, and more items will cost half. View them on pg 5.

Fresh Fruits, Deli, Seafood, and Fridge Sale

Read the recipe of one-pan butter chicken with baby broccoli is available on pg 8 and I think it’s one of the colourful parts of the new Coles Catalogue. Asian recipes of chicken are always interesting but they are mostly spicy. If you don’t like to eat too much spice, I would not recommend them. Lilydale free range whole chicken will cost only $5.59/kg. A fresh section of the catalogue offers healthy carbs like sweet potatoes. They say it’s the best kind of carb food and seasonal sweet fresh fruits are also available in this section.

Coles Fridge Food Sale

Any kind of cool food is your fridge food and it’s on sale at Coles supermarkets. You can browse some of them with Coles Catalogue Grocery 22 – 28 July. Flavoured milk, organic kambucha, almond milk, and more products are going to be available in this part of the catalogue. View these deals that will be valid on Wednesday.

Coles Pantry Products and Plenty of Half Prices This Week

View the latest Coles Catalogue for half prices. The basic ingredient to make your dinner delicious, some crispy breakfast snacks, cereals, bars, and some ready meals are all available in this part. When you have enough of these, you’ll never need anything else in terms of food at home. Check out half-price deals in this part of the new catalogue;

Half-price deals:

A lot more products are half-price deals from this catalogue. View all of them in the content and also make a shopping list before you go to store. Filter and instant coffee products can be seen on pg 26 where some new products are available. View these half prices in the catalogue:

More of them:

Coles Catalogue Ice Cream, Freezer Food, Frozen Food, and More Food Deals!

The best of them are in this catalogue. The most savings, and the lowest costs. Plenty of half-price deals are waiting for you. Some products are exclusive items. Mars Ice cream varieties 4-6 pack will cost only $5. It’s only at Coles supermarket. View these items from Coles Catalogue Grocery 22 – 28 Jul:

Browse further in this catalogue to see all the latest non-food deals for this week.