Coles Catalogue Grocery 26 Jul – 1 Aug 2017

Coles Catalogue Grocery 26 Jul - 1 Aug 2017Half prices of Coles catalogue on cover page are candies and Carman’s nut bars, Arnott’s Shapes. A large range of pantry products that are on sale at half prices can be found on pg 2-3. Down Down deals for mostly pantry and household products are featured on pg 2-3. Omo Laundry Powder, Fairy Dishwasher are among the products you can find there. Sara Lee, Patties, Nanna’s are featured on pg 17 as half priced deals for this week. Get Twinings English breakfast tea for half price. Cadbury medium bar is another half price on pg 7. Don’t forget to check out Cadbury Large block 350g which is a down down deal.

Down Down Deals on pg 2-3;

Pantry and deli products consisting of your favorite brands are on pg 8-15. CC’s corn chips and Smith’s potato chips can be purchased at $5 for 2. Red Bull Energy drink 4x250mL is another deal on pg 8. The price of that product is only $6 ! Heinz full of beanz, SPC baked beans are so quick and delicious food products. For those who don’t like to spend time on cooking, these products are perfect solutions. They could be good additions to your meal as well. Heinz beanz and sphagetti is everyday price $3 for 100g.

You can prepare a nice breakfast with the products available on pg 12-13. Nestle coffee, Moccona, L’OR espresso and more brands of coffee are featured on pg 12. SPAM & Egg sandwich is another deal you can find on the same page. Nice and Natural nut bars is at half of the regular price. O&G protein, weet-bix and many more deals are viewable. The Good peanut butter is another great product at half price. Price is only $2.84 at Coles after Wednesday. Coles offers another range of 1/2 prices. Check out pg 17 for this sale.

Maltesers ice cream varieties is priced half this week. Try this new flavour of ice cream and check out all products on pg 18-19. Meat deals are featured on pg 21. Aussie beef chuck steak is $12.50 ! Sticky chicken drumsticks with rice and bok choy recipe is available on pg 20. Method for this is easy one. Down down price of schnitzel plain is only $9/pk this week !

Starting from pg 27 you can browse household items. Follow on social media for the next Coles Catalogue or new special deals.

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