Coles Catalogue Grocery 27 Sep – 4 Oct 2017

Coles Catalogue Grocery 27 Sep - 4 Oct 2017Coles Catalogue has wide product range including all categories. Half prices for snacks and beverage in the Footy Finals range. Buy these snacks to stock before the games. Pringles, Fantastic Rice crackers and more are half-priced products. They are available on pg 6. Schweppes tonic water 1.1L is priced at $1.50. Again, footy finals frozen food including ice cream and packaged pizza. They will be ready for you at Coles stores. Hommus, wattle walley, Tasmanian Heritage cheese oval, Gold Camembert or brie, Zoosh dip, and many more products are available. Check out the price range of all these pantry, snacks and cheese variety.

1/2 prices :

Noodles, olive oil and more needs of regular food and pantry. Check out quick food ideas by Coles. Go to pg 11-12 for rice, Old El Paso taco and tomatoes, and more. Renew your stocks, be ready whenever your favourite show begins. Don’t forget to see new product range of Coles and other catalogues. Footy Finals pantry food on sale. Nescafe Blend 43 500g price is only $14 and that is a $6 saving. Green’s Traditional cake mix is also on sale. Pay only $2 for 340-470g pack of this cake. Moccona freeze dried coffee is also available at Coles and its price will be only $6.

Another half price is of Patak’s Simmer sauce that is only $2.25 for 400g jar. Campbell’s products are online sales of this catalogue. Shop for canned food including soup, tuna fish, sardines and more on pg 13. On pg 17-18 Nutella, Cottee’s, Kraft and Uncle Tobys plus are also available. Each of these will be sold at dropped prices. Don’t forget to see down down prices as well. Lurpak spreadable tubs or puts 250g can be purchased for $3. Bega cheese block, cheese slices, Chobani flip are featured products. Coles original products, Gippsland Twist yoghurt, Activia low-fat yoghurt and more dairy products are going to be on your shopping list. Borg’s Pastizzis, Weight Watchers are quick foods, tasty meals for those who like to spare time from cooking.

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