Coles Catalogue Grocery 29 Jan – 4 Feb 2020

Coles Catalogue Grocery 29 Jan - 4 Feb 2020Back to school specials are the first thing you see on the new Coles Catalogue. This kind of sales can help you boost your savings when starting a new year of school. Products like LeSnak, Bega Peanut butter, Perfect Italiano shaved parmesan will cost half this week. You can find them on the first page. Prepare quick sandwiches with high-fiber rolls or loaf of Coles. Every day the price of this bread is only $3. High-fiber products are always healthier and they will keep you full a lot longer. One of the time-saving types of products is conserved goods. Coles Catalogue Grocery 29 Jan – 4 Feb consists of such products in general.
Shop some dairy products like yoghurts. Flavoured ones of the Greek yogurt are viewable on pg 8. Quick solutions are always appreciated when it’s time for the regular days of school. It’s true for college students or high schoolers. And one of them is on pg 8. Check out the recipe of Ravioli bake with cheesy breadcrumbs on that page.

From Coles Catalogue Grocery 29 Jan – 4 Feb 2020:

More Half-price deals:

Coles Bakery and Fresh Produce

Shop some delicious and fresh sourdough deals at Coles. They make perfect sandwich bread, too. Australian made bakery products have always been popular at Coles supermarket. Similarly, hot cross buns are really popular products of this department, too. You can buy them at $3.50 pk this week. Your fresh grocery deals are ready and waiting for you on pg 12-13. Australia pink lady apples will cost $4 kg. Shop prawns, salmon, and more seafood products. Most of them are conventional but premium quality items in the meat and seafood range of Coles Catalogues.

Coles Pantry and Grocery Products

These are the essentials and they are what you should find in a kitchen cabinet. Find coffee, tea, pasta, conserved beans, olive oil, rice, sauces, and other ingredients to cook your dinner meal. Awesome discounts and a wide product range including half prices are available in this catalogue. Italian cuisine is an important theme of pantry sales by Coles Catalogues.

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