Coles Catalogue Grocery 3 – 9 Jun 2020

Coles Catalogue Grocery 3 - 9 Jun 2020All you need to make a great meal for dinner is ready in the latest Coles Catalogue which promotes the deals for the week of 3 – 9 June. Curtis Stone recipes, dumplings, and pasta recipes are all in the first section of the new catalogue. The queen of pasta meals is the spaghetti and its varieties like spaghetti and meatballls. You can find a recipe of tomato, rosemary and sausage spaghetti. Go to pg 3 to read about that recipe. Come across with the half-price deals on many grocery and pantry items that you can stock-up this week. 4 of them appear on pg 5 and three of these are from the snack sale. Doritos corn chips will cost $1.75 which is half the regular price. Some of these half prices from Coles Catalogue Grocery 3 – 9 Jun:

Meat and meat-free products are an important part of the new Coles Catalogue. Spot the savings on high-quality Australian made meat products. It’s really important to say that you produce your own stuff. Self-sufficiency of a country is pretty essential particularly in the days of crisis like the pandemic. These catalogues are proud that they offer Aussie-farm products both in the produce section and the meat department. Check out some of them:

Coles Fridge Food and Breakfast Sale – Coles Catalogue Grocery 3 – 9 Jun

Get your delicious cheese, yoghurt, and cold food products from a Coles supermarket for it has a considerable amount of savings on all of these items. Top brands like Chobani are also available within the grocery sale of Coles. Usually their bakery category is full of delicious stuff although they are not the healthiest or fittest things to eat. They are so delicious. So much so, this delight is almost at the level of danger of gaining some amount of fat.Coles Catalogue Grocery 3 - 9 Jun 2020

Fill your fridge with some of these delicious foods:

Coffee and tea are important products of the breakfast sale of Coles Catalogues. Save $2.45 on Moccona Freeze-dried coffee 100g or flavoured coffee 95g at Coles this week. Nothing is better than the feeling of recovery of your body when you drink a cup of coffee in the morning.

Shop snacks, chocolate, soda, chips, crackers, and more in the snack category. Most of them are also half-price deals.

Coles Pantry Sale – Coles Catalogue Grocery 3 – 9 Jun

Always be ready when you want to cook. Fill your kitchen cabinet with canned goods, sauces, pasta, and packaged vegetables for any kind of meal. They are particularly good for hot meals or soup. Campbell’s chunky soups are pretty popular, too. They have ready meals of Indian cuisine, too. You’ll be able to find diet-friendly products, too. Keto products that are very low in carbs and high in protein or fat are also a part of the pantry sales.

Coles Frozen Food and Ice Cream – Coles Catalogue Grocery 3 – 9 Jun

Shop a tub of ice cream in this section. Like other sections, half-price deals are also available in this part of the sale. Buy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream tub 458mL for only $8 and save $4. The frozen category is usually an important section and people look for practical ways to save on all of these.Coles Catalogue Grocery 3 - 9 Jun 2020

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