Coles Catalogue Grocery 9 – 15 August 2017

Coles Catalogue Grocery 9 - 15 August 2017Life gets strange nowadays but all you need to dream and develop and approach to deal with those small problems. Step by step, you will get to the result. It might not be exactly the way you wish but you need to focus on it. You need to stick to the target. You must not give up your patience which will eventually bring you to the ultimate step. In these times the support you get from surroundings is priceless. This help may come from a place you would not guess or it might be even a supermarket. Lock yourself for the ultimate aim. Outcome a plan, draw your pathway. Accept difficulties and never give up. You will get your weekly support from Coles Catalogue this week. It’s a one week specials with awesome products you love. Not ordinary, not outstanding. Nothing more or less. It’s exactly what you need. Check out the preview of Coles Catalogue 9 – 15 August 2017. They lowered prices by half ! You should catch these amazing deals to save this week. It will make you one step closer to your aim. What you need for this year ? A car or a good place to live ? Many alternatives can be achieved with saving money. That’s so important. A great deal of half priced products on first page;

Candies, chocolate deals, favorite brands of what you love to consume in a week. Check out pantry sale of 1/2 price products on pg 7 if you love cooking. Old El Paso standard kit is priced at $4.75 which is the down down price from Coles Catalogue. Discover awesome pantry products on pg 10-11. Moro El Primero Extra virgin olive oil 1L is only $10 ea ! Mission Burito tortillas 12 pk is another half price which you can see on pg 11. Shop for Coles soup “Asian Laksa” priced at $1.

1/2 prices of snacks and breakfast;

You can buy Golden Circle tetra fruit drink 1L priced at $1.07, Cadbury medium bars for $1. These are also half priced. Check out pg 12-13 for breakfast food. Kellogg’s coco pops, special K, LeSnak of Uncle Tobys and more are featured products. Capilano Manuka MGO30+ Honey 340g will be $8 starting on Wednesday. Coles specials McCain Man Size meal for half prices which can be seen on pg 16 will make your day. They have Chicken Kiev, pizza, potato fries and more. Ice cream, frozen food and Classic Magnum. Find Birds Eye golden crunch, beans and frozen fish fingers priced at $3 this week. Half price deals of some frozen meals are viewable on pg 18. Bakery products will be popular this week. They offer down down values for bakery products on pg 19.

1/2 prices;

Recipe of roasted chicken drumstick with stir-fried kalettes can be read on pg 20. Check out that simple recipe by Coles and shop for meat including lamb leg steak priced at $21/kg. Beef chuck steak, beef burgers, Australian beef 3 star mince and beef porterhouse are among the products you can purchase for lowered prices this week. Fresh seafood deals of Coles are available on pg 22. Salmon, basa fillets thawed and deli products like Hungarian salami are on sale viewable on pg 22. Aussie modi apples will be sold at $3.90 kg from fresh food on pg 23. Get your protein, tasty nutrition from dairy products. Your favorite cheese types, milk, cow cheese, Greek fetta and more. Bega cheese block slices 250g is $4 this week. Mainland dairy buttersoft will be only $5 (375g) ! Chobani flip Greek yogurt 140g varieties will be priced at $2 ea !

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