Coles Catalogue Grocery Deals 1 – 7 March 2017

Unlike previous weeks you can get “down down staying down” prices on this week’s Coles Catalogue.Coles Catalogue Grocery Deals 1 - 7 March 2017 Meat, packaged deals are featured on pg 2-3. You can get a pretty nice offer range on that one. Also half prices are interesting, more importantly saving. View the first part of this catalogue for half prices of some candies, Oreo cookies, chocolates on pg 5. Find half prices of Smith’s chips. 175 package of potato chips can be purchased for only $1.65 at Coles stores.

Half Prices on cover page:

Down Down sales on pg 2-3:

Sweets are vital, candies are fun and chocolate is the source of happiness and if you want to be happier while you shop check out Coles Catalogue pg 5 for the details of half prices on these products.

More half prices are featured on pg 7. Schweppes is a perfect drink for cocktails. A lot of recipes of cocktails that can be prepared with Schweppes can be found on internet. Don’t miss out its half price for 4x300mL pack.

A new product by Pepsi is available at Coles. New flavour of Pepsi Max with no sugar is a taste of vanilla. They increased the concentration. Check out details of new Pepsi products on pg 8.

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