Coles Catalogue Grocery Deals 19 – 25 July 2017

Coles Catalogue Grocery Deals 19 - 25 July 2017Check out these deals that will be valid until 25 July. Grocery, fresh produce, snacks, beverage, deli, meat and other food deals of Coles Catalogue which includes half prices, down down deals, and weekly discounts in the content. With this week’s Coles Catalogue you can save on regular shopping items. Specials and new items of Coles are also included. See a great sale of Coles Catalogue, down down sale of some bakery products on pg 2-3. Snacks at half prices on pg 4-7 are among the deals of catalogue. Perfect sauce for your pasta, canned food products, quick meals, pantry offers are featured on pg 8-15. This week get new products of Coles “Best Meal” variety on pg 15. Dairy food fun with Coles prices are on pg 16&17. Read the recipe of Chilli Con Carne which is available on pg 22. Meat, Coles specials deli products, fresh products are featured on pg 23-27.

Half price range on cover page;

Down Down Deals on pg 2-3;

These might continue with lowered prices in the future catalogues. Don’t forget to see next Coles Catalogue for down down deals. See pg 2-9 featuring snacs, beverage, and quick food products. Your favourite brands of beverage are available on pg 4-5. Coca Cola 12x300mL is only $9 at Coles supermarket this week. Mars or Nestle medium bars at half price and Kirks soft Drink 1L is only $1 each. Pepsi, Solo varieties of 1.25L is 2/$3. These deals are viewable on pg 4-5.

Snacks, beverage and more at half prices this week at Coles;

Shop for Starburst, teeVee, Kettle popcorn, Cascade Mini mixers, M&M’s candies on pg 6. Cadbury Dairy Milk family block is only 2/$7. Oreo choc covered biscuits 204g is a new product priced at $2.50 ! You will save with these purchases. See how much you can on pg 6&7.

Pantry and Quick Food Deals

If you want to cook delicious meals, you need the proper ingredient. Considering you need all the stuff, it may be costly sometimes. These catalogues are really helpful in finding good deals. Barilla Pasta Sauce, Fantastic Noodles Cup are at half prices of the regular values. Get these products on pg 8-13. There is coffee sale at Coles. Lavazza, Vittoria coffee variety are on sale.

Check out more deals from this section;

LeSnak Uncle Tobys 132g is also a half priced deal ! You will give only $2.25 of your shopping budget for this product. Half price deals of Cornetto, Nanna’s frozen fruit pies are available on pg 16-17. You might find this dairy food and snacks range really interesting. There are ice cream, sweets, dairy products, packaged cheese and yogurt and more in this selection.

1/2 prices;

Yoplait yogurt, Dairy Farmers full cream milk, Bega cheese block or slices and more products are on sale. See everyday prices of the dairy products on pg 20-21. You can seek the good deal of meat on pg 23. Aussie beef roast, chicken portions herb sprinkled, lamb loin chops and more are featured products of meat section of the Coles Catalogue. Moreover, seafood range is available. Down down price of whole chicken is on pg 25. Specials of deli meat on pg 24, fresh produce and bakery products of Coles on pg 26-27 are also possible to explore. A lot of food, a lot of discounts and half prices. Don’t miss out these awesome savings from Coles Catalogue this week.

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