Coles Catalogue Grocery Deals 27 Feb – 5 Mar 2019

Dairy fridge food such as Western Star spreadable, Yoplait flavoured or Formé yoghurt, Chobani fit yoghurt, and more will be on sale this week. If you are fond of cheese, I recommend you to see the deals on Bega, Mersey Valley, Coon, Oak, Dare, Lemnos Haloumi, Dairylea on pg 12. Coles offers great breakfast food, particularly pancake essentials on pg 13. Delicious maple syrup, fantastic prices on pancake mix, full cream milk, Almond Breeze, and more sweet things.

Coles Snack, Beverage, Candies, and More

You will also find a low-price Coles cook & dine aluminum induction base frying pan. Frantelle sparkling water cans is a special deal this week. Being an exclusive deal, it’s one of the highlighted products from this catalogue. There are two Frantelle packs on pg 14. Moreover, a great range of favourite soda brands like Schweppes. Visit pg 16 to see bottles of popular brands of soda.
If you like quick breakfast solutions, one of the best things to solve your time-wasting problem is belVita biscuits. They are perfect with milk in the morning. There are two flavours new at Coles. Chocolate and honey&choc chip biscuits are 2/$6! Go to pg 18-19 for a frenzy of deals on various snack and soda packs.

Coles Catalogue Pantry Deals

Get your tea, coffee, package foods, meal ingredients, and more essentials of the weekly food needs in the pantry range of Coles. New products like John West protein+, and half-price deals on packaged foods are amazing discounts. Breakfast food is also a fantastic and delicious part of the new grocery sale. Nutella hazelnut spread is only $7 for 750g jar. Save $1.75 on this product. Kellogg’s Nutri-grain and like-class breakfast products are in the new range of breakfast & pantry. Get a $10 off Click & Collect shop with a promo code on pg 26.

Half-price deals in breakfast-pantry from this catalogue:

You can also save on frozen goods including favourite ice cream. Check out Arnott’s Ice cream biscuits, Cadbury tub, Bulla creamy classics ice cream, Streets Cornetto which are half-price deals on pg 27. Many more than these products are available in the catalogue. Subscribe to the Coles Catalogue to get emails. Or you can follow us on Facebook for these posts.

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