Coles Catalogue Grocery Deals 29 Aug – 4 Sep 2018

Find half-price deals in grocery and pantry for the weekly shopping for your home. Coles Catalogue 29 Aug – 4 Sep has half-price deals for Suimin noodles, extra virgin olive oil and more pantry products. Go to pg 12 to see Campbell’s Real stock of 1L. They will make your rice at least %50 tastier. Find canned beans or chick peas of Coles that is only $.75 and Indomie instant noodles of 5 pack which is $2.75 on pg 12. Heinz, Campbell’s practical foods are popular figures of all grocery sales by Coles Catalogues. Moccona coffee is another popular product. If you are in need to renew your stocks of coffee, you may find nice prices of Moccona and Nescafe Gold on pg 16. Moro El Primero Extra virgin olive oil of 4L which will cost $26.

½ prices from pantry:

Jordans Granola or oat clusters is a healthy product preferred by most concerned customers. Consume this kind of oat foods and stay in fit. Twinings English breakfast tea is only $6 at Coles supermarkets. Check out the breakfast section which covers Uncle Tobys plus, Kellogg’s LCMs and more products. Deli, bakery, fresh produce, meat are also featured categories in this catalogue. New products at Coles are promoted. Go to pg 26 for tikka masala, Bulla multipack, vegie delights, McCain healthy choice wholegrains and more.

The Catalogue does not only cover food products. Browse it for personal care items, baby care, household needs, more specials and half prices in the last section.