Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 1 – 7 May 2019

Fine meat selection of no-added hormones, snacks, and pantry foods, roast chicken and more are available in the first part of Coles Catalogue. You are able to see all the new half-price sales in this catalogue. Nescafe, Lean Cuisine, Jatz, and John West Tuna are 4 half-price deals in this catalogue. Gravox gravy canister is gonna cost only half. Its price is $1.65 starting on Wednesday. Coles tries to offer some nice steak, chicken, burger packs, and more on pg 4-5. Make an appetizing, nutritional dinner with using the ingredients of meat or other supplies you like from the meat department. Coles Australian beef chuck casserole steak will cost $12/kg. Half-price deals are also available in this section of the catalogue.

Get your vitamins from natural sources. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh hand-picked products and 100% Aussie grown items of the fresh produce aisle of Coles are browsable on pg 6&7. Buy Coles Australian button, cup or sliced mushrooms for only $3/pk.

One of my favourite parts of all the Coles and other grocery catalogue is the bakery. I know that consuming many carbs will gain you some fat, but they are irresistibly good products. Coles finest by Laurent sourdough rolls 3 pack is gonna cost $3.50/pk. Make your works easier and more convenient with proper equipment. Store your fresh products like bread or vegetables in food containers. You can find containers for freezer and fridge. Moreover, you can earn container credits with your $20 purchase at Coles. And get these food containers for those credits. 1.2L food container is yours for 14 credits.

More half-price deals in Coles grocery sale:

Snacks at half prices:

More deals from Coles Catalogue:

Coles Deli, Seafood, Fridge, and more

Italian cuisine has been fascinating to me all the time. Now, all around the world, their products are being used. One of the best sides of the Italian and Mediterranean foods is the foods of deli and bakery. Bertocchi mortadella, pressed silverside, and more delicious products are available on pg 10. Fresh Australian Barramundi skin on portions will cost only $26/kg. Fridge food of Coles are spreadable Western Star, Big M milk, Ready Chef Lasagne, and more. Go to pg 14-15 for dairy products and more fridge foods. Buy Bega cheese block or slices of 250g pack for $4 only. Juice variety, Activia Low fat yoghurt, Dairy Farmers thick & creamy yoghurt, and more are available in the latest catalogue.

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