Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 10 – 16 Jul 2019 | Half-Price Sale

A quick breakfast may not be the most enjoyable one but now modern food companies produce delicious things like Up & Go. They contain the essentials like protein and a quick boost of carbs that will turn into glycogen in your blood in the mornings. Coles Catalogue is a source of products like these. 250mL of Up & Go is an energy source of 198 Cal and it has 8g of protein. As low fat as 3g and the rest of it is carbs. However, the quality of carbs is really important. For example, prefer high-fibre products if you want to feel full for longer times. Sugary things will be consumed in your body very quickly although they are very high in energy. They will eventually turn into fat. You will end up with belly fat. If you consume more fibre that will help you maintain your weight and feel better. 200 calories is a very common number in products like these. You will need 20 minutes of running to burn this amount of calories. Anyway, we are not here to talk about healthy living. Coles Catalogue sells Up & Go for half-price which happens to be $2.57 this week. See 3 more items that are half-price deals on the cover page.

More breakfast foods including popular cereals are available on pg 2. Buy Kellogg’s froot loops for $6 to save $2 starting on Wednesday.

Coles Catalogue Fresh Produce, New Recipe, And Deli

You can also prepare your lunch box at lower costs by using the latest grocery catalogues. For this purpose, available products are Bega cheese packs, Mother Earth oaty slices, Dairylea cheese slices, and similar products. You can buy bakery cheese & bacon rolls or cheese rolls of 4pack for $3.50! Coles fresh food sale covers mandarins, and more Australian products. The price of Aussie Hass Avocados will be only $2. Curtis Stone presents a new recipe on pg 6. Make Spaghetti Bolognese and buy the ingredients from the special seasoned mince range of Curtis. 4 different types of seasoned minced meat packs are available on that page.

Deli products:

Coles Fridge Food and Pantry Products

Some products are priced at everyday values, packaged fridge foods, cheese, and more items in this Coles Catalogue. One of the major sub-categories of the fridge sale of Coles Catalogue is dairy items. Save on the products like Dairy Farmers flavoured milk of 500mL that will cost $2.40! Find Greek yoghurt, orange juice, and more on pg 13. There is a large snack sale, too. Restock your pantry with half prices. Dilmah premium tea bags (Ceylon tea) will cost half-price. If you like to drink some nice hot tea in your afternoons, Ceylon tea is one of the nicest ones I can recommend. Large leaves and intense relaxing black tea. One of the world’s wonders and it’s good for relaxing after working long hours.

½ prices:

After making a little research and price investigation, we can conclude that this week we can enrich our breakfast food nutrition values at lower costs. Using the Coles, Woolworths, IGA Catalogues or more grocery stores this week, try to lower the expenses of food and other grocery items. See more pantry products in this catalogue:

½ prices:

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