Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 15 – 21 May 2019

You can see the new half-price deals of Coles in the latest catalogue. Shop 4 products at half prices on the first page. Coles brings fresh foods from Aussie farms and this is their policy of fresh grocery retail. New season’s Hass Avocados will cost only $2.50 at Coles. Visit pg 2-3 for more fresh products. May is one of the best months to get some fish. Seafood deals are prawns, basa fillets, salmon, and more items viewable on pg 4. Meat products of Coles are hormone-free. Buy Coles Australian Scotch fillet steak for only $29 at Coles this week. Also, see pg 5 for schnitzel, approved chicken breast fillets, and more. Coles really cares about the national values and Aussie products. Their sourdough is made with Aussie flours and more bakery products are the items to find on pg 6&7. Delicious white sourdough rolls 3 pack will cost $3. Stone baked Sourdough Vienna is $3 and you will save $1 on this product.

Coles offers deli-dairy products on pg 8-9. Hot roast chicken is everyone’s favourite. The everyday price of the hot roast chicken is only $10! Chobani’s Strawberry flavoured Greek yogurt is gonna cost half at Coles starting on Wednesday. Shop more yogurts on that page. Cheese lovers can find some discounts for them. Bega cheese block, Lemans Haloumi Cyprus style cheese, Tasmanian Heritage cheese, and Mersey Valley are three examples from the cheese range of the catalogue. These are frequently appearing on the Coles Catalogues. Go to pg 13-14 for another familiar sale. Dare flaovured milk, Big M or union flavoured milk, or more milk products are on that page. High protein yogurts are popular in recent years. Danone YoPro yogurt is one of them. Go to pg 12 to see $.75 discount.

Get credits from Coles to buy food storage. Up to 1.5L storage and vacuum pump are available for credits. Browse the half-price sale of pantry and breakfast foods on pg 15. Messy Monkeys choc crunch cereal of 240g pack is only $2! Find pantry foods including canned fish, Asian foods and rice, olive oil, etc. Get your coffee or nut bar for the mornings in this part of the Coles Catalogue. Starting on pg 21 you can see the snacks. Again, a lot of brands of chocolate bars, confectionery products, chips, soda packs are promotions in the catalogue. If you are not a fan of cooking, some products on pg 26-28 may help you. They are packaged-meals or sweets that are ready with simply opening them or heating.

½ prices:

Breakfast and coffee:

Packaged foods or meals:

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