Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 10 – 16 Oct 2018

Chobani yogurt tub, Kellogg’s crunchy nut, Coles bakery cheese, and more products are in the category of Back to School sale. Visit pg 8-9 to see the prices of cheese variety. Coon tasty cheese slices, cheese block or shredded, Western Star spreadable, The Juice lab pressed juice, Vaalia kids yoghurt pouch, Activia yoghurt and more are featured in the range. Go to pg 10-11 for bakery and deli products. The smell of fresh bread is used in supermarkets to whet your appetite so you desire to buy some food, particularly, fresh products. Coles Finest by Laurent White or Rye Sourdough Vienna or a like-class product in the same page will cost only $5/ea. They taste good as much as they smell delicious. I love bakery products for their prices are so nice, too. Cinnamon donuts, pastries, Crumpet breaks, rolls, bakery loaf and more are featured, too. Coles Specials in deli can be seen on pg 12. Check out these smoked ham, mortadella, silverside, and more meat products. There is a place where you can read about the science of BBQ. They tell that meat or fresh vegetables taste better because of Maillard reaction. Similarly, caramelization from toasting your bread makes it taste much better. Burning sugar too much is dangerous and it’s cancerous sometimes. So be careful of consuming these products. Browse the prices of asparagus, Australian beef blade roast with seasoning, packaged burgers, t-bone steak and other meat products on pg 14-15.

Half-Price Deals and more in Grocery and Pantry:

Dairy Products, Frozen and more Half-Price deals

You should see this frozen food sale on pg 22-24. Dairy Farmers thick and creamy yoghurt is $4. Save $1.50 on Mainland cheese block, $1.35 on dairy buttersoft which are viewable on pg 22. Coles Beef Lasagne of 1.8kg pack will cost only $10/ea.

Moreover, personal care, health products, special deals on non-food categories are available in the Coles Catalogue. Check out all deals in the preview, never miss out deals. Follow our Facebook page where we share the catalogues.

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