Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 19 – 24 Dec 2018

Christmas discounts on many traditional foods are browsable on this Coles Catalogue. The deals are effective on 19 – 24 Dec. There is also a gift sale on pg 19 which shows the half-price deal on Bonds underwear, kitchenware, and a 15% discount on App Store and iTunes gift cards. Snacks and beverage products such as Pepsi Max, Powerade, V Energy drink, Arnott’s shapes and similar class of items are available on pg 20-21. The extraordinary discounts of Coles Catalogue provide ways to save on weekly shopping. Chips and candies are an essential part of the parties and celebration. You may see plenty of new deals on pg 20. Smith’s Chips, Sakata and French Fries will cost $6 for 2. Pringles of 134g pack is only $3 and that’s $1 cheaper this week. 

Meet the half-price deal on pg 22-23. Cadbury Twirl, Turkish delight, Peckish rice crackers are good examples of the half-priced products. You should see the gift cards if you can’t decide what to gifts this week. Pantry and breakfast are two other essential categories of the whole grocery sale. You have breakfast products like Nutri-grain, LeSnak, L’Or Espresso aluminum coffee capsules, and canned foods as provisions may be helpful for those who need more discounts to save more. 

A lot more than this can be seen on the snack category. Pay only half for Wild Tides tuna on pg 25. Campbell’s Real Stock of 1L pack is only $3. You can also find Vittoria Mountain grown coffee or ground of 1kg pack for $18.35 which is the half price. You might need more food storage products like alfoil, and plastic serving ware such as cook and dine compartment plates. See them on pg 26. 

More canned food products, fridge food, pizza, ice cream, quick meals are the promoted items and good deals on pg 28-31. 

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