Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 19 – 25 Jun 2019

Coles sells many products at half prices. Buy Dr Oetker Ristorante pizza will cost only $3.75. New products are in the range of the latest Coles catalogue. You have Sanitarium light N tasty breakfast cereal 410-500g for only $3. That’s a new item and half-price deal. Coles offers snacks for football league final events. You can browse the range of game on snacks on pg 4-5. Buy great snacks and beverage that consists mostly of favourite brands. Black Chocolate of Green & Black’s is also ½ price discounts. Cadbury Medium bar is new at Coles. Buy Picnic dark choc feast which looks a bit tender and crunchy (I never tried) for only $1.

Coles Grocery Sale and Half Prices

Coles Catalogue grocery sale covers breakfast and dairy items on pg 12-13. Some good discounts apply for coffee machines and coffee variety of Vittoria Espressotoria coffee capsules. Buy Vittoria Espressotoria Capino coffee capsule machine for half-price which happens to be $49.50 only. Australia’s Own milk variety including low fat, skim, and full cream is $2 each. Kellogg’s Corn flakes are one of the breakfast items as a classic. However, 3 new flavour items are in the category. Check out Jarrah coffee mixes, Nestle Milo is promotional products with their new flavours.

3 pages of Half-Price Deals:

New at Coles: Brekky Heroes are loops that are supposed to be kids’ breakfast food. Three different flavours are available on this page. Honey Bolts, Berry Loops, Choc Boulders, and more are $2.80 each. Also, save half on Nescafe Blend 43, Betty Crocker cake mix on pg 15. Twinings English Breakfast tea will cost $5 at Coles this week. A list of products of pantry including Canola, Vegetable, or sunflower oil with a half price is purchasable on pg 16.

Breakfast, Pantry, and More Products:

If you like to stock up canned goods, sauces, coffee, and frozen foods, this week might be a profitable occasion. For example, buy new products of Birds Eye on Coles Catalogue grocery sale pg 20. Sweet potato rice is a new product with a cost of $3.30! The items are half prices. Visit pg 21 for the freezer range including Louis & Marie, Hong Kong, Steggles, and more products.

Try new ice cream flavours of Haagen-Dazs today. For it’s a saving of $4.50, you are not far from making a profit out of this shopping. Spend a peaceful night with your family or friends and have some ice cream from your stocks. Buy Bulla Multipacks and Sara Lee Desserts at half prices.

Bakery and Deli Products:

Grab some of these cookies on your way to work in the mornings. More deals, more pantry products including Italian pasta and sauce are available on pg 32. Barilla pasta sauce will be only $1.87 and San Remo Pasta is $1.70. You can mix your pasta with diced tomatoes or make your own pasta with the pasta bake.

Cheese and Fridge Foods

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