Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 27 Mar – 2 Apr 2019

Grocery sale consists of many categories including pantry, fresh produce, deli, bakery, seafood, and meat. More products are on sale, specials of Coles look cool and profitable. You have red Perino tomatoes, kids pack apples, sliced mushrooms, brown onions, Australian carrots, in the fresh produce section of the grocery sale of Coles. No added hormones beef rump steak will cost $20/kg at Coles. Coles Catalogue also shows the price range of deli meat and packaged products. For example, you have Bertocchi sopressa salami for only $23/kg. Seafood for Lent is one of the interesting parts of the latest catalogue. Never miss out a deal from the current Coles Catalogue, subscribe to get emails about the new ones.
As Easter is approaching hot cross buns and other deli-bakery products are very popular among the catalogues. Anzac biscuits or cookies and traditional fruit hot cross buns are two great offers that are on sale. John West mackerel, oyster, salmon, and more canned seafood are also discount products.

Check out some great products of this catalogue:

Snacks are also an important part of this sale. Brilliant ideas of snacks to stock up, favorite brands of chips, Cadbury chocolate bags, V Energy drink, Coke, and more are available in the snacks-drinks range of Coles Catalogue. You will also find breakfast products like Kellogg’s Nutri-grain, Froot loops, Just Right on pg 21. One of my favourites from this range is Kellogg’s coco pops. They are delicious with low-fat milk and I have no time concept to eat them.

Easter products, Snacks and drinks:

Get your ingredients ready for cooking this week. Coles sells amazing pantry products that are basically pasta sauce, MasterFoods squeezy tomato or BBQ sauce, Heinz chunky soup and more. Find nutritional shakes and protein food on pg 23. You might need them if you are thinking of doing some bulking or preserve the muscle structure of your body. Moreover, they are the perfect replacement for breakfast in case you want to lose some weight. By eating these, you will know exactly how many calories you get in the mornings.

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