Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 17 – 23 Oct 2018

Pantry sale with half prices has almond milk, Vittoria Mountain grown coffee, Nutella Pretzel sticks and much more on Coles Catalogue. See pg 10-11 for a good range of products of the category of the pantry. You can see 8 products at half prices but more than that is existing. You can find LeSnak, Oaty slices, Clif white chocolate macadarnia bar, Continental products on sale. Pay less for more products there. La Espanola olive oil is another good one from the pantry category. Half the regular price for that product as well. Find Campbell’s country ladle, chunky or manu soup, Old El Paso, Barilla Pasta sauce, are also among the products.

Check out these half-price deals:

Canned tuna fish is one of the most popular products of all panry sections from all catalogues by Coles. Find them on pg 13. Sirena, John West and different types of them can be seen there. Go to pg 14 for Nescafe Blend 43, Moccona coffee, freeze dried coffee, Nestle Milo and more. Have your breakfast and start working a better day than tomorrow. Nutri-Grain will cost only $3.65. Uncle Tobys plus is a $3 deal! Discover more on fresh produce and bakery on pg 16-17. Mangoes is one of the promoted products. Get each for only $2.50! Almost all products are Aussie made. See everyday prices of rolls, stone baked bread, Anzac biscuits and more on pg 17.

More products from freezer part of the catalogue. Four ‘N Twenty craft beer pies, salt and pepper squid of Pacific West and other products. Make cooking and your dinners really easier with these products. Frozen food is a great deal when you lack time for cooking. Or you just might not like cooking.

New products like McCain man size meal, blue ribbon ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s pint slices, and Weis fruit ice bars are available on pg 22.

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