Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 26 Jun – 2 Jul 2019

Aussie fresh products are very important in all Australian catalogues. Every week you can see promotional deals on the Aussie produce such as potatoes, apples, mushrooms, strawberries, and more. This is also the same with the meat products. Coles Catalogue is one of those with fresh produce category including Australian meat products. No added hormone meat products are available on pg 6-7. Buy beef t-bone steak for only $21/kg at Coles supermarket starting on Wednesday. Save $2 per kg of lamb forequarter chops.
See the promotional deals of deli and bakery products such as mud cake, low GI high fibre rolls, and deli meat on pg 8-9. Hans Hungarian salami will be $20 which is to save $6. If you don’t eat meat, Coles has alternative plant-based products like burgers for you. The Alternative Meat Co has a straight forward product range on pg 10 with plant-based sausage, burger, chicken chunks, mince, and more.
Buy frozen foods like Coles chicken parma pizza which is a new item for only $5 each. Within the range of the same page, you can also see Read Chef Lasagne of 2 kg pack. The catalogue shows you the prices of snacks and soda packs on pg 16-17.

Coles Catalogue this week’s pantry deals:

New items of the pantry:

I think you can also use some of the deals on pg 4-10 where fresh food, meat, seafood, deli, and bakery products are present with their lower prices. You can buy quick cook porterhouse or scotch fillet steak for $5 to save $2. 4 products are half-price deals on the first page.

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