Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 3 – 9 Apr 2019 | Easter Sale

Coles Catalogue offers new grocery deals, snacks, beverage, half-price deals, fresh produce, seafood, and many more categories of weekly supplies of food. Restock your favorite breakfast foods and snacks with the prices from Coles Catalogue. Buy canned foods and sauces to make your meals excitingly delicious. They will also smell the best version of them. Patak’s simmer sauce of 450g can is only $2.25, which is a half price. Check out for quick foods for your breakfasts. One of the most popular ones is belVita breakfast biscuits. Pay only $2 and find it on the half-price range on pg 2-3. If you are seeking out a deal on cleaning supplies to handle the defects of the details of your house, you might want to view the ones on pg 5. The latest Coles Catalogue offers multi-purpose cleaning chemicals, laundry detergents, and dishwashing liquids of the top brands.
Morning Fresh dishwashing liquid will cost $2.07 which is another half-price deal! Get your vitamins and minerals from the natural source. The fresh food is the best food to receive elementary substances like vitamins. Avocados, pears, apples, pumpkin, kale bunch, sliced mushrooms, and more are available in that range. Discover new recipes with Coles. You should see the traditional Easter foods. Hot cross buns cost only $3.50/pk. Browse the fresh-cut meat and deli. Find Seafood for Lent on pg 12-13. Dairy and fridge food like milk, block cheese, orange juice, and more are available on pg 14-17. Subscribe to the newsletter to get emails about the future catalogues or the current deals.

Half-price deals and more from Coles Catalogue:

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