Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 3 – 9 Jul 2019 | Game On

After a long time, we see a new recipe by Curtis Stone on the cover page of Coles Catalogue. Seasoned Mince recipe and deal are new and only at Coles. Go to pg 3 to see different types of flavors for your minced meat. There are Italian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican flavored minced meat products for only $7.50 pk. Snacks and pantry products are half-price deals at Coles supermarket starting on Wednesday. Check out the cover page for 4 different ½ price deals. Shop fresh meat this week. Coles Australian lamb butterflied leg with rosemary & garlic is gonna cost $20/kg. That’s a resulting price from down down price and it may go even more down.
Fresh fruit & vegetables are Australian products at Coles. Some of them are the produce of Coles. Aussie items are very important in the fresh product categories of Coles Catalogues. This week, in-season fresh produce is Coles Australian red royale potatoes for $4/bag. Also, browse deli-bakery products on pg 6&7. Sourdough rolls 3pack will cost $3.50. You can buy happy cakes at Coles for $4 every day. Pay only $4 for Carrot, Crumble, Lemon or chocolate cake.

Some highlights from these categories:

Fridge Food, Deli, Coffee & Tea

Buy noodles, shepherds pie, vegetable lasagne, and more products of Coles kitchen ready meals. Save time and money with these everyday prices. Coles Catalogue 3 – 9 Jul has new Asian food. A recipe for Chicken Pho is available on pg 9 and the most essential ingredient of it is a new product. Pho, Ramen, or Mushroom miso liquid stock of 1L is gonna cost $3. If you have been planning to stock up some fridge foods, Coles Catalogue can be the correct place to look for saving. You have dairy items like yogurt, frozen pizza, milk, etc. on pg 12-13. Check out these items and more in the catalogue;

You can also restock your coffee and tea inventory. Check out the new prices of Moccona, Nescafe, and new products like Turkish coffee. Lavazza A Mado Mio coffee capsules will cost only $8 as a new item. More new items are available every week. Coles’ original products are highlighted items.

Pantry Products by Coles Catalogue

See new half-price savings off the pantry essentials like vegetable oils, stocks, cake mixes, pasta, pasta sauce, canned goods, etc. Consider stocking up these items, too, while they are available for half prices. Gold Sunset canola, veg or sunflower oil 4L will cost $9 which means you save half. In this category, you can browse the breakfast foods like cereals of Kellogg’s, Nice & Natural Bars, Nutri Grain, etc. On the last pages of the grocery sale, you can encounter with the deals of frozen foods. Use the mobile app to check out Coles Catalogue while you walk through the aisles of Coles supermarket.

½ prices by pantry and breakfast categories:

Breakfast foods:

If you consume or stock frozen foods it’s probably profitable for you to check out pg 26-27. More half prices on pg 26-27. Subscribe to the newsletter for free and get emails. Also, check out the latest Woolworths Catalogue and IGA Catalogue to compare or explore their products.