Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 5 – 11 Jun 2019

Do you need to restock your foods and pantry items? Visit Coles stores on Wednesday to shop for these items at catalogue prices. Buy many products at half prices. Doritos chips, The Natural Confectionery Co. party mix, Patties, and Cadbury Dairy milk are on the first page featuring the half-price deals. Coles Catalogue has a greater portion of the half-price sale on pg 2-3. Heinz Beanz or Spaghetti will cost $1. Coles has Aussie fresh food. Buy cauliflower in its season. Its price is only $2.90 starting on Wednesday. Apples, kiwifruit, pineapple, potatoes, cucumbers, and more in the fresh produce.

Coles offers no-added-hormone meat. Australian beef blade roast is gonna cost $11.95 this week. Delicious meat offers might be interesting for everyone. My favourite piece is lamb shoulder roast bone in for only $10/kg. The catalogue got the pantry items such as Indian foods or sauces on pg 12-13. Simmer sauce of Passage to India is $2.15. Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk is one of the half-price discounts. Pay only $2.15 for Sirena Tuna 95g cans.

Shop coffee and breakfast foods like cereals of Kellogg’s. Nutri-Grain 500g pack will cost $5.15 at Coles supermarket this week. Shop Nestle Milo, All-Bran, Oaty slices, Carman’s and more in the breakfast-coffee section on pg 14-15. I think that you might also need some pantry products like olive oil. Cook with healthy olive oil of La Espanola. Bread, cake, cheese rolls, iced donuts, and more are gonna cost less.

Half-price deals:

Pantry, Breakfast and more:

Also, don’t forget to see Coles simple meal deals. Plenty of frozen pizza, lunch or dinner meals are available in the “fridge” category. Perfect Italiano pizza recipe can also be helpful for you. Buy Perfect Italiano Pizza for only $3.80 at Coles. Crusty, hot, homemade, fresh, delicious pizza and more products are available on pg 22-23. Discover these frozen food products, make your dinner easier and save time and money with Coles supermarket. Subscribe to Coles Catalogue to get newsletter emails.

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