Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 31 Oct – 6 Nov 2018

You have half-price deals in breakfast sale of Coles Catalogue. Visit pg 6-7 for a good deal on LCM’s and Coco Pops. Buy them for half price. Nutella 750g is only $5 this week. Coles Catalogue adjusted the prices for many products. Two more half-price deals are available on that page. Twinings English breakfast tea is $4 cheaper. Nescafe Gold original 200g will be sold at $12.50 that is $5.50 discount. Go to pg 8-9 for pantry products such as La Espanola olive oil, Maharajah’s basmati rice that is half-price deals.

Buy canned fish for lower prices at Coles. John West tuna, sardines, Annalisa beans or tomatoes, Sirena Tuna are in the pantry sale. Restock your needs in terms of canned food, simple packaged meals, sauces, and necessary ingredients to make fantastic dinner meals. You can see a lot of half-price deals in the new sale by Coles. Down Down prices on Christmas treats and chocolate boxes are available on pg 12-13. Cadbury Christmas Stocking, Danish butter cookies are lovely Christmas treats.

Spring food is a popular category of these grocery catalogues. They also have a nice sale of cheese variety on pg 18. Discover new prices of dairy products in the catalogue. Save $2 on South Cape cheese wedge or Mersey Valley cheese. Get it for only $4! Wraps, Croissants with Nutella, Golden Waffles, Wonder White bread, Coles bakery cheese and more are available in the bakery sale. Check out Coles bakery stone baked by Laurent White will cost $4! Coles has a lot of half-price deals in the frozen food category:

Lean Cuisine, Patties, Beef Lasagne, breast nuggets, and more products are available on pg 27. Ice cream sale is a nice one. Pay only $4.25 for Magnum ice cream 440mL tub. That’s a half price. New products are available on pg 29 from the ice cream shelf.

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