Coles Catalogue Half Price 1 – 7 February 2017

Pretty nice deals and great half priced products at Coles Catalogue which will be valid starting from Wednesday is on your screen right now.Coles Catalogue Half Price 1 - 7 February 2017 Preview of this Coles Catalogue can be browsed through the display page that is the result when you click on the image here. Back to school is still on the focus. Beverage, soda packs, snacks, pantry and more products are half priced. On cover for example, 4 great products are being shown. All the half prices of Coles Catalogue can be seen in the catalogue this week. The lists below will demonstrate how much you can save with shopping using Coles Catalogue half price 1 – 7 February deals.

Mars or Nestle medium bars $1 ea
Heinz full of beanz or sphagetti 400g $1.05
Colgate advanced whitening & tartar control – $3.50 ea
Prawn gyoza – KB’s $8 ea

Other than half price products, pay attention to the occassionally appearing “everyday prices” too. If you are into making shopping lists before you go to stores, these catalogues are always useful for you. Subscribe to this category not to miss out anything from regular Coles sales.

Half prices of Coles Catalogue This Week

Breakfast food and drinks for kids within the Back to Scool range of Coles on pg 4-5. Fruit juice, peanut butter, cereals, sauce, pantry on pg 6&7 are currently viewable products of the half price range. Check out this list below to discover more products at 1/2 price and save more.

Pepsi, Solo or Schweppes soft drink $5.40 pg 6
Peckish rice crackers 100g $1.10
Smith’s thinly cut potato chips 175g $1.65
Golden Circle beetroot slices 450g $.90 pg 7
Green’s baking mix 395g $2 ea
Maharajah’s choice basmati rice 5kg $8.75
Dolmio extra pasta sauce $1.64

Tilda microwave rice 250g $1.70 pg 8
Trident coconut cream or milk 400 mL $.97
La Espanola extra virgin olive oil 1L $7 pg 9
Dolmio pasta bake 480g $1.89
Marion’s Kitchen meal kit $3.72

They are mostly from the pantry, dry food shelf. Arnott’s Marie or arrowroot is also on sale. Price of this product was dropped by 50%. More half prices are available on the packaged food sale. Convenient food is one of the most popular subject of any Coles Catalogue.

SFC sticky bourbon chicken wings 400g $5.50 pg 25
Pacific west salmon wellingtons with a cheese $4.89

Personal care products, inclusive of hair, skin, health products, can also be appearing with a new half price deal for you this week. 40% off Nature’s Own vitamins, half prices of household products on pg 30 are further deals from this new catalogue.

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