Coles Catalogue Half-Price 27 Sep – 3 Oct 2023

You can get prepared for the BBQ season with some help from Coles Catalogue. Check out the new half-price sale in the catalogue. They are the top deals among all the in-catalogue offers. Doritos, Coca-Cola, Arnott’s Shapes, Bulla Multipack are half-price deals on the first page. Browse all pages of the new catalogue to see down down deals, household supplies, and more categories of items that will cost half their regular costs.

Coles Catalogue Half-Price 27 Sep - 3 Oct 2023

Another important deal of the week in all catalogues is Footy Final Faves. You can find your favourite snacks and entertainment foods there. Thins potato chips will cost only half this week. Here are great items from Coles Catalogue Half-Price 27 Sep – 3 Oct:

  • ½ price Doritos, Coca-Cola, Bulla Multipack 8-14 pack, Arnott’s Shapes Crackers
  • ½ price Rexona deodorant, Fairy dishwashing tablets, Omo laundry liquid, Oral-B Pro electric toothbrush, and more
  • ½ price Twisties, Cadbury Favourites, Oreo Cookies and more

Footy Final Faves – Coles Catalogue 27 Sep – 3 Oct

Check out these favourite snacking and BBQ foods in the new Coles Catalogue:

  • Coles Rspca Approved Chicken Hot Nashville Wings 600g $9
  • Four’N Twenty Traditional Meat Pies 4 Pack 700g $6.80
  • Coles Rspca Approved Chicken Mixed Portions Southern Fried $12
  • Coles Beef Sandwich Steak 400g $2.70
  • Thins Potato Chips 150g-175g $2.35 – ½ price
  • Coles Australian Lamb Kebabs 450g-500g $7.50
  • Coles Brand Pre-packed Antipasto 110g-135g $6

Footy Final Faves but refreshing drinks and they are half prices:

  • raw c Cocconut Water 1 Litre $2.75
  • Schweppes Mixers 1.1 Litre $1.40
  • mount franklin Lightly Sparkling Water 1.25 L

School Products – Coles Catalogue Half-Price 27 Sep – 3 Oct Sale

Prepare for the new semester. You will find a lot of half-price deals for daily life at school. Breakfast foods, lunch products, cereals, and more offers are available in the catalogue:

  • Smash Blue Stainless Steel Bento Box 1300ml $13.75
  • Ikina Reactive Glaze Travel Mug $3.50
  • Smash Leak Proof Snack Box $2.75
  • Smash Hydro Chugger 750ml $7
  • Kelloggs K Time Bars 165g – 185g $2.75
  • Jordans Granarola 500g – 750g $4.25
  • Cottee’s Cottees Cordial 1 Litre $2.95 pg 12
  • Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt Pouch 130g $1.10

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