Coles Catalogue Half-Price 6 – 12 Sep 2023

Browse the new grocery deals and the half-price sale for your favourites at Coles stores. The catalogue shows quite a few items participating in the half-price sale. You can browse products like Doritos, Smith’s, KB’s Gyoza, Lindt Excellence, and more products on the first page. Shop vitamins, supplements at lower costs. In fact, Coles has quite a few half-price deals on wellness products. They are quite useful if you exercise daily. Footy Final favourites are great offers. A big part of the half-price sale is for popular snacks. Everybody loves to find their snacks when they open the kitchen cabinet.

Coles Catalogue Half-Price 6 - 12 Sep 2023

From the first page of the Coles Catalogue Half-Price 6 – 12 Sep sale:

  • Pepsi, Solo or Sunkist Soft Drink 1.25 Litre $1.50
  • Smith’s Crinkle Cut Potato Chips or Doritos Corn Chips Big Bag 380g $4.25
  • KB’s Gyoza 750g $8.50
  • Lindt Excellence or Lindor Block Chocolate Varieties 80g-100g $2.75

Check out more half-price deals at Coles stores:

  • Rexona Antiperspirant Aerosol Deodorant 220mL $4.75
  • Sakata Rice Crackers 90g-100g $1.37
  • Omo Laundry Liquid 2 Litre or Powder 2kg $13
  • Finish Ultimate Plus Dishwashing Tablets 45 Pack $31

New products are also available in the catalogue. Check out new flavours of Twirl and Life Savers candy varieties. You can also find footy final favourites:

  • Fox’s Chocolatey Rounds Biscuits 130g $2.50
  • Darrell Lea Nibs Varieties 200g $2
  • CC’s Corn Chips 175g or Cornados 110g $2.35
  • Tyrrells Crisps 165g $3

Explore the new deals in the catalogue for your weekly needs. Coles Catalogue Half-Price 6 – 12 Sep 2023 is one of the best deals you can see before you buy something for your grocery needs.

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