Coles Catalogue Half Price Sale 27 Mar – 2 Apr 2019

A big part of the latest Coles Catalogue has the half-price deals on snacks, pantry, breakfast, personal care, household products. View half-price deals on the spotlight on the first 5 pages. You will be able to buy Vanish stain remover powder for only $14! Check out the price of Palmolive dishwashing liquid of 700mL bottle on pg 5. Coles sells BIC hybrid4 for only $5 which is another half price. It’s natural to come across with something you have been looking with a good price at Coles. The catalogue always has the best prices of the week for the product range of them. Have some of the best tea brands in your inventory for breakfast for only $1 this week at Coles. Customers of Coles can save a lot with the special half-price sale starting on Wednesday, however, you can also browse fresh produce, meat, whole chicken, deli meat, sausage, salami, Seafood for Lent, bakery Sourdough rolls, hot cross buns, John West canned fish variety, and more including recipes. Coles has one of the best supermarket product ranges. Special deals can also be a great chance for you to save more. V Energy Drink variety is on sale.

Here are some of the half-price deals from the latest Coles Catalogue this week:

More half prices including pantry products:

Snacks, candies, and more:

Personal care and non-food categories with half prices:

Household Supplies are chemical cleaning products, Finish Quantum, air fresheners, dishwasher cleaners, and more on pg 5. I strongly recommend you to visit that page if you need to stock up some of those. Subscribe to the newsletter to get emails of the new posts and emails. Don’t forget to see this catalogue and the other weekly specials.

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