Coles Catalogue Half Prices 4 – 10 April 2018

Coles Catalogue half-price deals on the first page are Kellogg’s nutri-grain, Colgate advanced whitening toothpaste, Continental soup, Peters drumstick 4-6 pk. Visit the same page to spot the price of lamb shoulder roast. Save $2.50/kg on that one. Nestle KitKat and Mars chocolates are on pg 2. Red Rock Deli potato chips, Arnott’s Tim Tam chocolate biscuits and more snacks are going to be featured products of Coles.

This week, there is a perfect half-price sale by Coles Catalogue. Visit pg 5-6 to see pantry, snacks, confectionery and more products in a mix of half-price sale. Also, Coles specials will be awesome. One of them is Schweppes, Solo and Sunkist soft drinks of 1.25L that is priced at $3.30 for 2.

Protein-rich breakfast food including cereals like Coco Pops, vitamin-full products like Vegemite and more boost for your mornings are featured in the Coles Catalogue. If you are keen on some meat products, please check out pg 16-17 of this catalogue. Down down deals look so attractive and I believe most customers will find them profitable as they seek for the savings. Look for more deals in the content of Coles Catalogue and more catalogues will be posted. You can follow our page on Facebook for more from Coles Catalogue.

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