Coles Catalogue Half Prices 9 – 15 May 2018 | Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day gifts at Coles is a product range which covers flowers bouquets, a nice breakfast sale, bonus points on the purchases of gift cards and a mixture of product categories creating another of gifts. A gift list covering many products from different categories can be found on pg 11. It’s not a surprise that one of the major sales promoted in this catalogue is the lists of half-price deals. View pg 2-3 which are completely about the products sold at half prices. Moreover, Coles Catalogue highlights flybuys deal that will return 5000 flights in Australia. See pg 15 for the details of that deal.

In the first part of the catalogue, there are snacks and beverage of likeable brands. They are available at half prices.

You can find the ingredients for a good meal to be ready for dinner. Also, the breakfast is an important sale from Coles Catalogue. Down Down deals that have been quite popular in recent years, are again available in a new Coles Catalogue. Moreover, the deli and meat products are featured. Coles is a MasterChef chosen supermarket since 2009 and their department of meat has been strongly developing. I am sure the half-price deals on frozen products will draw your attention for the significant price drops. Visit pg 29 for these items which are generally what you would expect from a good frozen sale.

There are more products for half prices in this catalogue. I recommend you to browse all categories for a possible good deal.


Woolworths Catalogue and Coles Catalogue are both offering good deals on gifts for Mother’s Day. I would also recommend Target, Kmart and ALDI catalogues for good gifts. Check out all those sales for better prices and important products.

Coles has a flower sale on pg 8. These gifts are basically for you to spend a lovely day with your family and especially with your Mother.

An excellent breakfast that reminds me of European style breakfast food is available on pg 10. Coles Croissants, Bonne Maman Jam and more products are on sale.

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