Coles Catalogue Half Prices, Every Day Prices 3 Aug – 9 Aug

Coles Catalogue Half Prices 3 Aug – 9 Aug 2016 is available on pg 2-3 for snacks, beverage and packaged food. List of these items is placed below. Check out this list of the products and get the best values for weekly needs. These are popular, healthy and delicious food products from Coles :Coles Catalogue Half Prices 3 Aug - 9 Aug 2016

Betty Crocker baking mix $2.60
Heinz Full of Beanz or Sphagetti $1.05
Continental pasta&sauce $1.04
Heinz Classic creamy pumpkin soup $1.74

Golden Circle beetroot slices 450g $0.90
Continental cup a soup 2 serve $1
Maharajah’s choice basmati rice 5kg $8.75

Just Juice 6x200mL $2.35
Mars or Nestle medium bars $1
Cobs popcorn 100g $1.65
Cadbury Giant Freddo or Caramello koala 35g $0.52
Smith’s Thinly cut potato chips $1.60
Lipton Ice Tea 1.5L $1.90
Twisties Cheese 90g $0.92
Cabudry Dairy Milk chocolate $5

Half Prices of John West new special edition: “Fiery” is available on pg 10. Now you may purchase John West Fiery for only $1 ! More half prices of this Coles Catalogue are:

On pg 13:

Weet-Bix Organic $2.67
Gluten Free Weet-Bix $2.80
Aussie Bodies FX Lo Carb Bar 60g $2.04
Healtheries Kidscare Rice Wheels 10 pk $2.70
Sanitarium Liquid Breakfast Up&Go Gluten Free $2.74
Rapid Loss Powder $19.99

Everyday Prices of Coles Catalogue on pg 18:

Moove or Farmers union flavoured milk 2L $4
Yoplait yoghurt $5
Coles Tasty cheese shredded $5.50
Coles Ice Cream sandwich $3
Coles Ice Cream 500mL $4

For more of these products please check out the Coles Catalogue 3 – 9 Aug.

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