Coles Catalogue Half Prices June 6 – 12, 2018 | Game Day Snacks

Coles Catalogue Half Prices and Snacks, Pantry and More

Coles Catalogue offers a significant price drop on many categories like snacks, pantry food, breakfast, game day snacks etc. You will be able to shop high-quality products in grocery, snacks, beverage, fresh food and more with Coles this week. If you like to watch AFL, there are really cool snacks that would be a perfect match for the game nights. You may purchase Pepsi Max, Solo or Schweppes of 10x375mL for $7 only. Doritos snack crackers, Arnott’s cheds crackers, Lindt Lindor chocolate bag are among the candies and snacks you can find in the new sale by Coles.
Win a share of 5000 return flights, save with down down deals and check out that new Edgell product on pg 10. Eat quality food at dinner. Continental pasta and sauce could make a great practical food and it’s only $1.05 which is the half price.

Half-price products like Basmati rice, Oreo cream biscuits, McVitie’s digestives nibbles chocolate and more from the fun part of the catalogue can be found on pg 2-3.

Snacks and Candies:

Those game-day snacks including Indian food like Majans bhuja mix,deli-stylee nuts and other products. All these might get your attention for a lower cost of the weekly shopping. Another half-price product is in the category of breakfast foods. Uncle Tobys chewy choc chip will cost half its normal price at Coles. Also, see the nutella, Weet-Bix bites, LCM’s value pack, Pic’s peanut butter and more products on the same page. Coles offers Lilydale free range chicken and more meat or chicken products on pg 20-21. Seafood, deli meat, bakery and other like-class products might be interesting to you.

More half prices:

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